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Engaging ideas, transforming minds

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Dr. Kim Anderson is Associate Professor in the Department of Family Relations and Applied Nutrition at the University of Guelph. As an Indigenous (Metis) scholar, she has spent her career working to improve the health and well-being of Indigenous families in Canada. Much of her research is community partnered and has involved gender and Indigeneity, urban Indigenous knowledge, Indigenous masculinities, and Indigenous feminism. Her single-authored books include A Recognition of Being: Reconstructing Native Womanhood (2nd Edition, Canadian Scholars, 2016) and Life Stages and Native Women: Memory, Teachings and Story Medicine (University of Mainitoba Press, 2011). Recent co-edited books include Indigenous Men and Masculinities: Legacies, Identities, Regeneration (with Robert Alexander Innes, University of Manitoba Press, 2015), and Mothers of the Nations: Indigenous Mothering as Global Resistance, Reclaiming and Recovery (with Dawn Lavell-Harvard, 2014).


  • April 2016
  • 9780889615793
  • $63.95 Print
  • $58.95 Digital

A Recognition of Being, Second Edition

Reconstructing Native Womanhood
Kim Anderson
  • January 2012
  • 9781894549219
  • $31.95 Print
  • $26.95 Digital

Strong Women Stories

Native Vision and Community Survival
Kim Anderson, Bonita Lawrence